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Ok? Ok.

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Zelda Rubinstein, Poltergeist

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[UPDATED, due to Artist Change!]
Saturday: We are returning to you our salon, at 7pm, with:

Ryan Callis sharing some painting.
Barrett Johnson playing some songs.
Amy Katherine Cannon reading some poems.

Conversation, amid good company, will follow.

You are welcome to join us! Drop me an RSVP or note of interest, if you’re interested, with questions, comments, tips, recipes, what you will: davidson94 [ at]

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Salon Returns

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After a two-year break, the salon returns to Long Beach, Saturday October 12, 2019. Details to follow.

Salon Reminder: TONIGHT AT 7PM!

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Don’t forget! Our salon returns tonight at 7pm with poetry, music, painting, and sculpture. If you’re free, come on out!Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.20.50 AM

Past Participants

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This space has been dormant for a bit, as a quick perusal through its contents will show, and since the last update, WordPress has changed its interface. I was fixing some of the links to a list of past participants running along the right side of this page, when I clicked wrong (I don’t know where or how) and the list disappeared. So I’m putting that list here for safekeeping, until I can get around to reinstating it as a feature of the blog. In the meantime, it’s lovely to recall how each of the following parties, over the course of a few years, came to share their work with us–usually at the little house, since destroyed, on 16th St.

Aaron Belz, Aimee Bender, Allison Benis White, Alessandra and the Daymakers, Andrew Winder, Ashley Farmer, Avi Buffalo, B.H. Fairchild, Bakunzi Jean Bosco, Barrett Johnson, Ben White, Brad Eberhard, Caley O’Dwyer, California Lions, Canvas Shop, Carina Downing, Cecilia Woloch, Chris Davidson, The Clouds, Clyde Beswick, Cody Gates, Colette Labouff Atkinson, Collier Nogues, Cristy Rose Smith, Dan Callis, Darren Hostetter, Dave Hill , David Callis, David Castillo, David DeBoer, David Maust, Dawn Trook, Derrick Brown, Dianna Cohen, Doll Knight, Duncan Simcoe, Eric D. Anderson, Eric Trine, Evan ApRoberts, Feo Voronov, Genevieve Kaplan, Genevieve Leone, Geoff Leamon, Good Luck Bear, Goon, Gray Hilmerson, Greg King, The Hobosoul, James Kelly, Jeff G. Lytle, Jeff Rau, Jen Hane, Jim Schubert, John K. Chan, John King, John R. Williamson, Jonathan Anderson, Jonathan Puls, Jordan Christian, Joshua Aster, Juan Thorp, Julia Barbee, Justin Brennan, Justin Rigamonti, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Kurt Simonson, Lev Anderson, Lily Simonson, Linnea Spransy, Liz Carney, Lorene Delany-Ullman, Marlys West, Marion Estes, Michelle Latiolais, Michelle Mitchell-Foust, Mike Hernandez, My Double My Brother, N. Verhamme, Nathan Huff, Paulie Pesh, Preacher’s Sons, Rachel Hinton, Rafe Payne, Richard Flory, The Rio Bravo, The Romany Rye, Roy Shahbazian, Ryan Bryant, Ryan Callis, Sam Outlaw, Shiaw-tian Liaw, Simone White, Stacy Zaninovich, Stephanie Brown, Steve Comba, Sue Cronmiller, Summer Darling, Summer Merritt, Susan Hayden, The Ultimate Bearhug, Victoria Chang, Virginia Katz, Zach Klein

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