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May 9, 2020 § Leave a comment

“What is something you miss, OR something you’re thankful for, OR something you resolve to do?” [Question asked of all guests at the salon on January 11, 2020. All answers anonymous]


childhood imagination

I’m thankful for you all

Free Time

I’m grateful for my son

I miss sex.

I am grateful for transforming a crisis into an opportunity

I’m thankful for Costco hotdogs

Be okay with making mistakes

Thankful for: salon. Missed: salon.

I miss my grandma

I miss connection w/ my daughter

I’m grateful for my work

I’m thankful for my wife

I’m grateful for new creative projects and the fresh motivation it brings

I resolve to make decisions that lend themselves to my social and intellectual nourishment

resolution: Being non-judgmental

in 2020 I resolve to clarify and clean my mind and space

grateful for community

I resolve to walk

I miss tap dancing

I miss MONEY

I miss not caring

Thankful for friends & family

I miss playing music

I am grateful to have such an overwhelming access to art and worldly culture!

I miss reading for fun

I miss LOST.

I’m grateful for new friends

I resolve to have fewer thoughts!

You can’t kill my buzz, Chris. Even with this homework assignment.

Thankful for family. Resolve to spend more time w/ family.

I miss my friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

Baby Yoda

I’m grateful for January days at the beach

I resolve to seriously think about maybe perhaps starting the torturous process of buying a car

I miss “Tell Me More” on NPR.

I’m grateful for critical thinking

Grateful for

  • Redwoods,
  • Lakes and
  • Sunsets

I miss not having a smart phone

I am grateful for my parents for helping me prepare for college.

I am grateful for Google translate

actively share my creative practice

Salon (the answer to all three questions)

I miss the old Angel’s Flight railway in downtown L.A.

I miss watching Cartoon Network at my grandma’s house w/ my brother

I miss keypad phones

I’m grateful to be able to pursue my passion for writing and music

My health

I miss my mother’s excellent advice


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