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This space has been dormant for a bit, as a quick perusal through its contents will show, and since the last update, WordPress has changed its interface. I was fixing some of the links to a list of past participants running along the right side of this page, when I clicked wrong (I don’t know where or how) and the list disappeared. So I’m putting that list here for safekeeping, until I can get around to reinstating it as a feature of the blog. In the meantime, it’s lovely to recall how each of the following parties, over the course of a few years, came to share their work with us–usually at the little house, since destroyed, on 16th St.

Aaron Belz, Aimee Bender, Allison Benis White, Alessandra and the Daymakers, Andrew Winder, Ashley Farmer, Avi Buffalo, B.H. Fairchild, Bakunzi Jean Bosco, Barrett Johnson, Ben White, Brad Eberhard, Caley O’Dwyer, California Lions, Canvas Shop, Carina Downing, Cecilia Woloch, Chris Davidson, The Clouds, Clyde Beswick, Cody Gates, Colette Labouff Atkinson, Collier Nogues, Cristy Rose Smith, Dan Callis, Darren Hostetter, Dave Hill , David Callis, David Castillo, David DeBoer, David Maust, Dawn Trook, Derrick Brown, Dianna Cohen, Doll Knight, Duncan Simcoe, Eric D. Anderson, Eric Trine, Evan ApRoberts, Feo Voronov, Genevieve Kaplan, Genevieve Leone, Geoff Leamon, Good Luck Bear, Goon, Gray Hilmerson, Greg King, The Hobosoul, James Kelly, Jeff G. Lytle, Jeff Rau, Jen Hane, Jim Schubert, John K. Chan, John King, John R. Williamson, Jonathan Anderson, Jonathan Puls, Jordan Christian, Joshua Aster, Juan Thorp, Julia Barbee, Justin Brennan, Justin Rigamonti, Kevin Stewart-Magee, Kurt Simonson, Lev Anderson, Lily Simonson, Linnea Spransy, Liz Carney, Lorene Delany-Ullman, Marlys West, Marion Estes, Michelle Latiolais, Michelle Mitchell-Foust, Mike Hernandez, My Double My Brother, N. Verhamme, Nathan Huff, Paulie Pesh, Preacher’s Sons, Rachel Hinton, Rafe Payne, Richard Flory, The Rio Bravo, The Romany Rye, Roy Shahbazian, Ryan Bryant, Ryan Callis, Sam Outlaw, Shiaw-tian Liaw, Simone White, Stacy Zaninovich, Stephanie Brown, Steve Comba, Sue Cronmiller, Summer Darling, Summer Merritt, Susan Hayden, The Ultimate Bearhug, Victoria Chang, Virginia Katz, Zach Klein


April 1 at Jason Vass: Poetry + Music + Painting + Sculpture

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Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 11.20.50 AM
The Salon isn’t dead. It’s been sleeping. Watch it stir to life this coming Saturday, April 1st, at Jason Vass in Los Angeles, with poets Caley O’Dwyer, Marci Vogel, Chris Davidson & Patty Seyburn, along with singing by Brandon Pfaff–all surrounded by the wondrous painting and sculpture of Dan Callis and Tina Linville.
Jason Vass
1452 E. Sixth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
7pm. Free, as always. (Bring nothing, please, but yourselves.)

[UPDATED!] Next Salon: Saturday, 11/21/15

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Reading, Music, Art, Conversation, You, Me, Dancing?
1834 McNab Ave. L.B. 90815        7:30pm

Amy Katherine Cannon reads poetry. Dirk Hagner shows art. Tall Walls play music. & something else, as always.



Salon Date Corrected: 7/25/15

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Note it in your pocketbook!

NEXT SALON: Saturday, 7/25/15

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Photo03301156 Bridge to Nowhere

It’s summertime! Come to the summer salon: Saturday July 25, w/ painter Linnea Spransy, poet Genevieve Kaplan, and music combo My Double, My Brother. Bring a bottle of wine or water or a friend or just you. 1834 McNab. Long Beach, CA 90815  8pm till 10-ish. (The program lasts about an hour.) RSVPs, questions:


March 6, 2015 § 1 Comment

With poet Victoria Chang, artist Jordan Christian, and music-combo Goon. Plus guests. Plus you! All in a tiny house: 227 16th St. Seal Beach, CA 90740. RSVP: davidson94 [at] Arrive around 7:30. Bring a bottle of wine, or something else to drink, if you like. Or don’t. Bring yourself.

Buena Vista

Seahorse Door

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Seahorse Door

NEXT SALON: Saturday, January 26th, 7.45pm, with writer Michelle Latiolais, muralist Kevin Stewart-Magee, singer Ben White, and surprises. Bring a friend, something to drink or eat to share (or not), but certainly bring yourself. 227 16th St. Seal Beach. 90740. Questions/RSVPs:

North Dakota Salamander

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SALON: Saturday, August 25th, at the Canvas Shop, 702 Marina Drive  Seal Beach, CA 90740. Come at 8. Program at 8.35. Music by N. Verhamme. Painting by Bukunzi Jean Bosco. Words by Susan Hayden. Also: surprise act. We’d love to have you join us. Bring a bottle of wine to share, or some vittles, or yourself. I, for one, would like to shake your hand. RSVPs and questions to

NEXT SALON: Saturday, June 16th

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Saturday, June 16th, 8-ish in the evening, at the Canvas Shop: 702 Marina / Seal Beach / 90740. The roster: Filmmaker Lev Anderson, poet Ashley Farmer, musicians Earlybird, and more!

Bring a bottle of wine or a snack to share or just yourself. Questions, RSVPs:

bird on light post

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bird on light post

Next Salon: 3/24/2012      227 16th St., Seal Beach, CA, 90740
Sue Cronmiller reads poetry, the Preacher’s Sons play music, Jon Puls shows paintings, Geoff Leamon talks about selling vinyl. 8pm. Program at 8.30. rsvp or questions to

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